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Rest assured that with us, each shirt - whether it is silk or 100 per cent cotton - goes through a thorough pre-inspection, grading and treatment, before being meticulously finished and ready to wear.

 Dress shirts are returned with collars supports so as to help keep collars from crushing during transit.

French cuffed shirts have their cuffs turned up and studded in place.

All shirts are fully de-linted, cracked buttons replaced, and inspected individually before packaging.


Choose how you'd like your much loved shirts to be returned to you. Either expertly folded and presented in packaging as if they were new, or on a hanger ready for you to wear when you next need them.


If you spill something on your shirt and need a short-term fix until you can get to Lavish, never rub the stain as this actually sets the stain further into the fabric. Just dab it lightly! 

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